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Save time and scale your business without losing the human touch. Event marketing is totally accessible for small businesses, micro-businesses, and even solopreneurs. Hosting events is a smart, effective and fun way to build customer loyalty for your business and to attract new customers.

Get out and meet the people in your community. You will be suprised with the many relationships you can build that will grow your business.

Remember to bring your business cards and brochures to all of your events and it’s important to remember names.*

Get in touch with iRonic Techs for a list of events that you can be a part of. Learn the secrets to success by becoming a known face in the community.


It’s Not What You Know…It’s Who You Know!

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At iRonic Techs we take event planning and execution to the next level. We have connections with the Mayor, DJs, Lemonade stands, face painters, bounce houses, food trucks, live music bands, and many other small business in our local community.

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